Tater Tot Casserole

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Tater Tot Casserole

Postby justamom » Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:14 am

This is a really good recipe I found.

This quick dinner entree calls for just 4 ingredients.
1 pound ground beef
1 16-ounce bag tater tots
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can of milk (I use real milk instead of evaporated and also added some butter)

Brown the ground beef in a skillet; drain and place in a casserole dish. Place tater tots over meat. Mix can of cream of mushroom soup and a can of milk. Pour this over the tater tots and ground beef. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.
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Postby SavannahStar » Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:24 am

Hey jam, thanks for that. I am always looking for new, easy recipes! :D

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Postby Mariah » Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:26 pm

I have been thinking the last couple of days we whould do somthing like CTV and have threads on what people asre cooking for the evening meal or during the day. I think that might get this place hopping again.
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Postby shirley » Thu Apr 10, 2008 8:57 pm

Good suggestion Mariah
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